©Small cookies of the La Sablésienne cookie factory|Office de Tourisme Vallée de la Sarthe / Nath Alie

"The sweet smell of freshly baked shortbread"

So tasty!

Only made right here in Sablé-sur-Sarthe using 100% natural ingredients!

Jean, a foodie on holiday

“While we were on holiday at the retro campsite in Avoise for a few days, we went to the Biscuiterie La Sablésienne. We had already heard of it because we’ve been given their cakes and Petit Sablés a few times as gifts.

This round shortbread biscuit was invented in Sablé-sur-Sarthe and is listed as French culinary heritage!

Thin and crunchy

The tour begins with a short film on the history of the Petit Sablé biscuit. Then, we put on our hat, blouse and shoe protection to be able to go into the workshop. Thank you to Patrick for unveiling a few little secrets to us, and for the freshly baked biscuits, just out of the oven and still on the baking tray.

The tour ends with a tasting in the tearoom, and then the unmissable visit to the tastefully decorated shop.

The shop is amazing, we went on the tour with a few friends and thoroughly enjoyed the tasting session!

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