Solesmes AbbeySolesmes Abbey
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Solesmes Abbey

A well-known place for Gregorian Chant

In search of spirituality

Solesmes Abbey has a rich thousand-year-old history. It is one of the most well-known places for Gregorian Chant and is kept alive by a dynamic community of around forty Benedictine monks.


The romantic and powerful silhouette of Solesnes Abbey can be seen from afar, reaching up towards the clouds, while some other more bleak, Medieval-looking constructions built in 1896, reflect onto the peaceful waters of the Sarthe.

Once you pass through the Medieval door of this abbey church, you’ll come face-to-face with two exceptional sculptures of the famous Saints of Solesmes.



Well-known place of Gregorian Chant

Solesmes Abbey has witnessed several centuries of this liturgical music. To see a service with this Chant with your own eyes is a moving and unforgettable experience, that will awaken some deep spiritual and musical emotions.

To really get the most out of this moment, we recommend the Vespers, every day at 5pm (lasts 30 minutes). (times may vary depending on the season)

View from up above

Prise de vue aérienne - Abbaye de Solesmes
Prise de vue aérienne - Abbaye de Solesmes
Prise de vue aérienne - Abbaye de Solesmes

In the words of Father Soltner…

Père Soltner
Père Soltner
Père Soltner

The Monks Boutique

To satisfy your curiosity, you can come and take a look at a scale model of the Abbey in the monastery boutique, as well as illustrations and comments about the daily life of the monks.

Books, CDs, honey, jam, and much more. The Abbey boutique is open from 9am to 7pm, outside of meal times.


Where can we eat and sleep?

in Solesmes
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