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in the Vallée de la Sarthe



The source of the river Sarthe is in the French department of the Orne. It is suitable for boats and equipped with locks, canals, channels and river ports, from Le Mans, to Maine-et-Loire where it meets the Loir and the Mayenne to form the Maine.


can I go fishing

in the Vallée de la Sarthe?

On the banks of the river

or on the Sarthe


The Sarthe is a river on public domain, meaning that fishing is authorised along the entire length of the river, on the banks or from a boat, as long as the sailing regulations are respected. (A gap of 3.25m must be left free along the banks for fishermen and walkers to pass through).


To find out about fishing on a boat, go to the federation website.




On the tributaries of the Sarthe

There are several tributaries of the river Sarthe that are all on private land. If fishing is possible, access to the river and the practice of fishing are regulated by authorisation from the land owner.

The recommended waterways:

For trout fishing:

  • le Palais,
  • la Gée,
  • les Deux-fonds.

For white fish and carnivorous fish (such as pike and perch):

  • La Vègre across the whole of the Vallée de la Sarthe,
  • La Vezanne in the lower area of Malicorne,
  • La Vaiges in the lower area of Sablé-Sur-Sarthe,
  • La Voutonne before its confluence with the Sarthe.


“Fishing” routes are also accessible on the tributeries such as theParcours labellisé Famille de Loué “Au pré Marais”.

Which species

of fish?

The following are the most common fishing practices and most sought-after fish in the Sarthe:

  • “White” fish, roach, gardons, bleak, bream,  brèmes, angling or reel fishing,
  • Carp fishing: carp fishing at night is permitted along the whole of the Sarthe,
  • Fishing carnivorous fish such as pike, pike-perch, perch or catfish, some of which are longer than 2m!



where and how

can I get a fishing permit

For fishing on the Sarthe, its tributaries or bodies of water that are either free to access and/or managed by the fishing network, a fishing permit is compulsory!

To get yours, go to the website www.cartedepeche.fror go and see one of the fishing permit agents.




Where can I buy

fishing equipment?

There is a specialised fishing shop in Sablé-sur-Sarthe called “Loisirs-pêche” at 9 bis, Route de la Flèche.

Some places such as the supermarket chains sell fishing materials but only the basic equipment and bait.

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