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"A really enjoyable getaway!"

In a Tipi at Bonheur de Vivre

Fabienne, after spending a night in a Tipi

“You are welcomed by Jean, a very friendly guy who is there to welcome guests all day long… With an added sense of humour.

Once you’ve been allocated a tipi and heard about the upcoming festivities, off we go to discover where we’ll be sleeping… Basic facilities but everything we need.



We drop off our bags in the tipi and then set off to collect wood for the fire in the tipi. We are welcomed by two extremely friendly “woodcutters”.

6:30pm: time for our welcome drink, to kick off an evening with dinner and entertainment.

We laughed so much! and ate so much too (a special thanks to Cécile for letting us discover a typical Native American dish). It was delicious…

A very enjoyable moment with the whole team…

Huge thanks to Jean and his team for this fantastic experience. We found out a lot about Native Americans and especially learnt not to believe all the stereotypes that us Europeans tend to have”.



What an experience… We will be coming back for the encounter with the wolves and the ‘cani-rando’ experience.

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