Poulet de Loué élevé en liberté en Vallée de la SarthePoulet de Loué élevé en liberté en Vallée de la Sarthe
©Poulet de Loué élevé en liberté en Vallée de la Sarthe

A feeling of freedom

in Loué

For over 60 years now, the farmers of Loué have all sworn by a unique approach to breeding their Label Rouge and Organic-certified chickens: Free-range!

In the shoes of a Loué


Stéphanie, Didier and their two children

“While on holiday at the La Sittelle campsite in Loué, we wanted to experience an encounter with the Loué farmers. We chose to go and see Valérie and Franck who welcomed us to their farm.

The life of a Loué chicken

A very enjoyable experience for us and our children: Learn all about the chickens, what they eat, why they roost, and do you know how to send a chicken to sleep? Valérie blocked the chicken’s head under its wing and it fell asleep, she says it works every time!

A little further on, we saw another type of chicken: the laying hen! This breed is reared for the delicious eggs. The children love collecting the eggs, still warm in their little hands…”

A big thanks to the farmers for spending the morning with us, and sharing the secrets of their job!
It was a really enjoyable experience!

Come and meet the farmers, they’re waiting for you!

Book your visit at www.365joursaloue.fr

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